Tracey Durning

Tracey Durning

Founding CEO

Over the past 15 years, Tracey has worked to address climate change, protect the oceans and (in her personal time) end the euthanasia of shelter animals across the United States. Featured in Barons magazine , The New York Times and The Stanford Social Innovation Review (as well as penning her own pieces) she approaches each social issue by first going on a deep learning journey, working to identify gaps and/or areas that might be improved with additional support and then gets to work. This has involved granting organizations as the Executive Director of Planet Heritage Foundation, building startups (both nonprofit and for profit) and trying to better align/leverage the goals of key stakeholders within a system. 

In climate change, Tracey is the Founding CEO of Energy Options Network (EON), a nonprofit organization focused on multiplying and accelerating ‘climate scale’ zero carbon technologies outside of the mainstream portfolio. She is also a Founder of the investment group Aligned Intermediary (AI) created  to help institutional investors increase the flow of private capital into climate infrastructure projects and companies. AI led to a $2 billion joint Aligned Climate Capital-Ares Management climate infrastructure fund, with another fund now on the way. AI also architected the Climate Finance Partnership with BlackRock, Germany, France, and a consortium of philanthropies — an unprecedented cooperation of stakeholders committed to jointly developing a vehicle for investing in emerging markets. Finally, she is a Co-founder of the Electrification Coalition (EC), a nonpartisan group of industry leaders collectively committed to transportation electrification in the US at mass scale. EC was recently recognized for its outstanding work partnering with state leaders to accelerate EV adoption in targeted communities across the US.

In marine conservation, Tracey is a Founder of Oceans 5 (O5), a global funders collaborative that seeks to protect the planet’s five oceans. Its core (but not exclusive) focus areas are increasing marine protected areas, restoring global fisheries and constraining offshore oil and gas development. The organization gives new and experienced philanthropists an effective platform to collectively target their assets for greater impact and scale. A handful of spinoff collaboratives also emerged from O5 targeting issue areas such as plastics and protecting sharks. There are currently about two dozen O5 partners including  Bloomberg Philanthropies, Oak Foundation, the Wyss Foundation, the David and Lucile Packard Foundation, Waitt Foundation, Marisla Foundation, Planet Heritage Foundation, Moore Charitable Trust, Paul Angell Family Foundation, Zegar Family Foundation, Adessium, Stellar Blue Fund, Oceankind, Arcadia, Joy Family Foundation and the Tiffany & Co Foundation.

As an animal lover to the extreme, she was the Founding CEO of Target Zero (TZ), a group that mentored over 21 cities and counties to zero euthanasia of shelter animals between 2013 and 2018. To accomplish this, TZ created a best practices program and worked with an array of stakeholders within each community to accomplish their no kill goal. In 2018, Tracey gifted Target Zero to Maddie’s Fund—one of the biggest and best operational funders in the animal welfare space—to scale its operations and life saving efforts even further.

As a former journalist/producer (ABC News, CBS News, CNN) and filmmaker (i.e. Executive Producer, Freedom Writers) Tracey often drives the communications for the initiatives she builds.