Preston Carter

Preston Carter

Senior Advisor

Aerospace, Energy, Nano-, Technology Development Manager

Preston Carter is a proven leader and manager of innovation and technology development. His background is quite diverse. He has experience in activities that include the development of product, advanced concepts, research and development, project management, hardware design, testing, operations, business development, and customer support. The majority of his experience has been in systems related to advance technology development, energy, space vehicles, aerospace payload development, advanced aeronautical vehicles, high-speed flight, and propulsion.

Mr. Carter has extensive experience in the assembly and management of innovative teams. As a strong believer in empowering teams with resources and responsibility, Mr. Carter uses organizational behavior methods to guide and develop teams that achieve results quickly and with minimum resources.

Preston Carter is a “hands on” leader, manager, and engineer with hard and soft skills. In technology development Mr. Carter has extensive business development, program development, SOW, and proposal response experience in both industry and government. Mr. Carter has created and managed organizations for technology development and innovation in both governmental, university, and industry settings. Mr. Carter has created businesses and consulted investors for M&A.

Specialties: Preston is a strong leader who is a skilled engineer and has proven his ability to also manage people and resources from the team level up to the program and institution level. Preston’s strongest qualities are his ability to communicate, problem solve, and create an environment for innovation. His engineering specialties are mechanical, aerospace, mission planning, and systems engineering. His business specialties are business development and project leadership, and program management.

Technology Development Manager
Jul 2018 – Present
Austin, Texas

Chief Technology Officer and Program Director
Jan 2016 – Jun 2018
Employment Duration: 2 yrs 6 mos
Austin, Texas

Supernature develops advanced transportation technologies related to aerospace, robotics, electric vehicles, and advance physics. In particular, Mr. Carter is the inventor of Supernature’s Aerospace Architecture that enables revolutionary aerospace capability for the commercial and national security sectors providing high-speed, long-range global reach, and rapid low cost access to space. 

Skyborne International
Nov 2013 – Nov 2015
2 yrs 1 mo
Kellyton, Alabama

Preston Carter is the Chief Technology Officer, Domestic & International Operations, Research and Development, Defense, Communications.

Principal Technical Advisor
General Compression
Jan 2012 – Nov 2013
1 yr 11 mos
Newton, MA

Mr. Carter performs advance technology assessments and initiates development efforts for the refinement and enhancement of GC’s compressed air energy storage system. This position reported directly to the company’s CEO as an adviser on technology, its development, and engineering management methods.

Director of Game Changing Technologies
Nov 2010 – Jan 2012
1 yr 3 mos
NASA HQ, Washington D.C.

Preston Carter was the Director of Game Changing Technology, within the Office of the Chief Technologist at NASA Headquarters in Washington D.C. Mr. Carter was the founding director of the new organization within NASA to enable space technology innovation in a manner similar to DARPA. Mr. Carter built a new organization, hired its staff, defined its governance, and developed its operating processes in under a year. Within the first year, this division began over 20 projects, with dozens of projects in formulation. Mr. Carter developed many of these projects, with his team, utilizing collaborations with DARPA, AFRL, Industry, and other NASA Mission Directorates. Projects are distributed among all the NASA Centers and utilizes NASA workforce in a focused and constructive manner…see more

Founder / Principal
Vaporcor LLC
Jul 2007 – Jul 2010
3 yrs 1 mo
Bend, OR

Mr. Carter was the founder and co-owner of Vaporcor LLC, a small business devoted to the development of advanced propulsion and power technology. Mr. Carter developed two patented power and propulsion technologies: 1) a Humphrey cycle internal combustion engine for high-speed flight applications, and 2) a general purpose heat engine that follows a unique closed-loop thermodynamic cycle using supercritical carbon dioxide as the working fluid.…see more

Director of Defense Programs
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Sep 1991 – May 2007
15 yrs 9 mos

Mr. Carter worked at LLNL for 15 years working on a wide spectrum of engineering and management projects related to space systems, airborne sensors, and national security. In his last position, Mr. Carter established LLNL’s Office of Defense Programs and serviced as its first Director. This office had oversight of $170M in DOD programs and established a long term development plan for growing the Laboratory’s “Work For Others” programs. Working with UC, Bechtel, and Battette, Mr. Carter helped develop the winning proposal for the LLNL operations contract re-competition with DOE.…see more

Program Manager
Sep 2000 – Aug 2004
4 yrs

Under a four year IPA assignment from the University of California, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, Mr. Carter was on loan to DARPA as a Program Manager within the Tactical Technology Office (DARPA/TTO). His area of expertise was high-speed flight and space launch programs. While at DARPA Mr. Carter managed five major unclassified programs and dozens of smaller research and development programs. In addition, Mr. Carter started well over one billion dollars worth of new programs. Of these new efforts, Mr. Carter directly led and managed over half and transitioned the remainder to other program managers and DoD


The University of Texas at Austin
Aerospace Engineering
1984 – 1986

University of Washington
Aeronautical & Astronautical Engineering
1977 – 1980

Volunteer Experience

Lunar Exploration Institute
Mar 1989 – Jun 1997

8 yrs 4 mos
Science and Technology
Dr. Alan Binder and I formed LEI as a non-profit organization to develop, build, and fly the Lunar Prospector mission to the Moon to map mineral resources. LEI successfully attracted aerospace engineers to help us design the spacecraft and scientific instruments, attract corporate sponsorship to fund the project, and negotiated a launch opportunity with Russia. Due to national security issues, NASA adopted the mission in 1992 and flew the mission, as designed, for us, which ended in 1997. LEI was the curator of the mission data during and after the mission. LEI has since been disbanded, having served its purpose.