Mike Fowler

Mike Fowler

Senior Advisor

Mike Fowler is a technology analyst with two decades of experience evaluating costs and advancing the benefits of clean energy and environmental systems for customers in industry, academic, and state government settings. He has supported project investment evaluations, provided testimony in state and federal regulatory and permit proceedings, and worked with developers to unlock hidden value in their products. He has been a frequent writer and speaker on clean energy policy issues.

Mike began his career at Harvard in atmospheric physics research before moving into to air quality consulting and regulatory agency roles including Best Available Control Technology review for the State of New Mexico. Most recently he spent five years with Mitsubishi Heavy Industries working to advance carbon capture and battery energy storage projects. Currently he is Director, Advanced Energy Technology Research at Clean Air Task Force in Boston.

Mike holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Physics from Harvard University, a Master of Science degree in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Colorado at Boulder, and a Master of Engineering degree in Nuclear Engineering from Pennsylvania State University.