Ellen Baum

Ellen Baum

Senior Consultant

Ellen Baum has been straddling the world of climate, environment and human health her entire career, gaining a reputation for being intellectually curious and demanding and capable of making connections across numerous groups and individuals –from scientists to advocates to program managers to people in the field. She has a knack for looking at a problem and seeing what needs to be done and either doing it herself or finding the right people do it.

After a successful career that included Senior Scientist at the Clean Air Task Force, focused on pollutants with air and climate impacts; a forester in one the US’s most highly forested states, a consultant and lobbyist on a range of state and national environmental issues, Ellen founded the Climate and Health Research Network (CHeRN) in 2014, an NGO targeting solutions to highly-polluting industries. With teams of colleagues, innovative and thoughtful approaches have been undertaken to make significant changes to current practices both in the brick kiln industry in India and Nepal and in the oil and gas industry in the Caspian region.

She also serves as Managing Director of the Energy Innovation Reform Project. She is EON’s Treasurer.