Andre Sylvester

Andre Sylvester

Senior Advisor

While Andrew Sylvester has predominantly worked in the space exploration space, he possesses an extraordinary ability to analyze and dissect deeply complex ideas and technical information across the innovation space.

During his 35 year career with NASA, Andre has excelled in numerous technical project and leadership positions supporting NASA’s human space exploration missions, including the Space Shuttle, International Space Station, and lunar exploration programs such as Constellation, Orion, Gateway and Human Landing System programs. Andre is also one of the founders of the “Lunar Prospector” lunar mission.

In his early career, Andre led the development of Space Shuttle and Space Station simulation capabilities for engineering analysis, mission operations flight techniques development, and astronaut crew training, with a focus on robotic system simulation and testing. These simulations included high fidelity spacecraft cockpit mockups combined with dome visual systems, as well as full scale mockups of the Space Shuttle and Space Station robotic arms. This deep technical background provided an excellent foundation for moving into supervisory leadership roles for Space Station docking testing, robotic servicing, crew and thermal systems development, software simulation toolsets, avionics development, and power/propulsion systems development.

In his mid-career, after the Space Shuttle Columbia accident, Andre expanded his experience by leading development of a robotic Space Shuttle inspection system for NASA’s return to flight efforts. He continued to explore new opportunities with a one year tour at NASA Headquarters’ Game Changing Technology Division as a program executive overseeing a broad portfolio of exploration technologies. These experiences provided an expanded role for Andre in space flight systems development and space technology development.

As a senior NASA leader, Andre served at the agency level on multiple human spaceflight architecture teams, helping to define architectures and concepts of operations for crewed missions to asteroids and human tended station concept development for lunar exploration. These system engineering analysis efforts culminated in the ongoing development of the NASA Gateway lunar outpost planned to be deployed in the mid-2020’s.